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The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Start The Keto Diet Easily
....With a Partner and/or Kids.

It's time to step away from the dieting yo-yo and overweight mind f-ery, for good, while still having a family or partner that does not eat the ketogenic lifestyle.

Some of you reading might be saying....

"Oh thank goodness! I'm so ready to get off of this exhausting, weight loss hamster wheel! "

Others might be thinking....

"But I've struggled with my weight my whole life. How will this weight struggle ever stop?"

Guess What?

There's Good News!

You can stop with the yo-yo weight loss madness, and instead...

Live A Life Not Revolved Around Food,
Be Available For Your Partner & Kids,
Not Feel Guilty Or Shameful About Food,
Feel Beautiful In Your Skin

There Is An Easier Way...

Hi! I'm Elizabeth, Countess Of Low Carb. And I've spent the last 3 years losing 75+ lbs and helping of other clients lose weight too. Literally thousands of women.
Every time clients come in, they:

  • Are depressed where their bodies are.
  • ​Are usually anxious and/or depressed from a high carb diet.
  • Feel sad to lose their favorite foods
  • ​And don't even know how to begin the keto diet.

From puffy, anxiety and depression-ridden 100+ lbs overweight mom, wife & businesswoman...to healthy, peaceful and happy low-carb-loving woman.
The difference was and is keto.
As I learned a new way of eating a high fat, moderate protein and low carb diet, I realized that the keto diet can be introduced to anyone (ahem, even picky husbands and children - lol!).
And the keto lifestyle didn't mean I would lose my favorite foods.
Spoiler alert - I have a blackbook of ways to still really enjoy your fav foods!
Previously to keto, I would hit weight loss roadblocks & sabotage myself on EVERY.SINGLE.DIET after the 3rd week.
With keto, I have been eating this fabulous lifestyle for almost 3 years.

I found a way to FOLLOW the keto lifestyle that didn't require a tremendous amount of time to learn and that I could easily incorporate into my family life.

How To Start The
Keto Diet EASILY...With 
A Partner And/Or Kids ECourse

An Ecourse that teaches you how to EASILY start the keto diet while having a partner and/or kids....that might not eat keto yet.

The perfect ecourse for busy women on the go that want to quickly learn how to start the ketogenic diet to lose weight while still caring for their partner and/or children.
You'll learn:

  • How to make keto meals to help you lose weight.....while not having to cook entirely separate meals for your family using The RAINBOW Keto Meal Plan PlaybookKeto Meal System.  (no more promising yourself on Monday to start to lose weight and then not doing it
  • ​Avoid past mistakes that cost you time & money! (so you can lose weight week after week!)
  • ​The best keto snacks & keto desserts so you don't feel deprived (so you can feel normal and have treats while losing weight!)
  • ​​Simplify keto meal prep time with meal prep hacks (so you can spend more time enjoying family time & time with your partner!)

What's Inside How To Start The Keto Diet Easily...With A Partner And/or Kids Ecourse

The RAINBOW Keto Meal Plan Playbook (value $37)
This handy playbook will ensure you do everything on a daily & weekly basis to eat on the keto diet. There's even a separate section of how to effortless cook for your partner and/or kids who may or may not be doing keto.

Day 0 Mini Course To Avoid Pitfalls Before Starting The Keto Diet ($47)
This secret sauce mini course will teach everything you need to avoid before jumping into the keto diet. You will be jumpstarted into keto success when you start Day 1 on the keto diet.

Do's & Don'ts Toolkit To Successfully Lose Weight (value $37)
Your toolkit for success on the keto diet of the do's & don'ts to follow. Know what to have in the house when starting and what to avoid...even with a partner and/or kids in the house.

Printable Two Week Keto Diet Shopping List & Meal Plan ($27)
Productivity & time saving keto meal hacks to streamline weight loss with printables for your keto shopping list and printables for your keto meal plan for Day 1-Day 14.

5 Products You MUST Avoid On Keto PDF ($17)
This helpful PDF provides you a shortcut of what you need to stay from on your weight loss journey. Shortcut mistakes I made on my 75+ lb weight loss journey!

BONUS: Keto Desserts Cheat Sheet (priceless! $17 value!)
Until now, only my personal coaching clinets got my keto dessert cheat sheet. My cheat sheet of the keto desserts I love and have used on my 75+ lb weight loss journey is included as my gift to you....and they are mouth watering!

BONUS: Keto Snacks Cheat Sheet (priceless! $17 value!)
Keto snacks that you can have that will still help you on your weight loss journey. When you just want to go to the movies, what do I recommend on keto? When you want a snack that isn't going to blow your weight loss, what do I recommend? My easy keto snacks cheat sheet.

BONUS: SKOR Method Video Series (priceless! $97 value!)
Ever want to know my secret method I use from binge eating EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT to losing 75+ lbs on keto? I deep dive in a video series about the SKOR Method to stop binge eating in it's tracks.

Medical Disclaimer (priceless!)
Countess of Low Carb is not a doctor and information on this series should not be used in place of medical advice. Tips given are simply what has worked for me. Find what works for you and leave the rest. The information on this series is for educational purposes only. Please consult your doctor for medical advice.

TOTAL VALUE - $296.00
Today's Price - Just $27!


Amanda has lost a WHOOPING 71 lbs! She has been coaching with the Countess Of Low Carb for the past year. As a mom, wife and busy working woman, she used the tools to help her finally lose the weight!
Look at her phenomenal before and after!

...A Note From Felicia 

How To Start The Keto Diet Easily

Day 0

Get your personalized macro data and easy keto tracking system for your body.

4 Starter Videos

4 Videos On How To Start The Keto Diet Easily

Two Week Keto Meal Plan & Keto Shopping List

Use your two week keto meal plan to know what to eat to lose weight. And your full keto shopping list of what you need to have to lose weight.

5 Keto Foods To Avoid

Printable for what five keto foods to avoid and not eat.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Countess of Low Carb is not a doctor and information on this series should not be used in place of medical advice. Tips given are simply what has worked for me. Find what works for you and leave the rest. The information on this series is for educational purposes only. Please consult your doctor for medical advice.
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